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 Fizzy wine in a can? Yes we can. Lightly sparkling Pinot Grigio to be exact. And now available in both white and pink!


 Everyone loves a bit of Pinot. So we took your favourite tipple, gave it some fizz and put it in a can. You’re welcome! 


 You can now enjoy your fizz exactly where you want it. Indoors or outdoors. It's convenient, light-weight and easy to carry.


Aluminium cans are also more widely recycled than any other recyclable resource and are pretty unique in that they are almost always recycled back in to themselves.


And did we mention, it's also delicious? Move over Prosecco, there's a new fizz in town.

Size: 200ml

Alc: 11-11.5%

UK Units: 2.3 per can

Vegan Friendly

140 calories per can



You asked so we complied. By popular demand, we're bringing the fizz in bottles too!


Soft, fruity and fully sparkling, PinotPinot Sparkling Pinot Grigio is now available in both white and rosé.


Perfect for parties, as a mixer for cocktails or just when you want a glass of something bubbly.

 There's only one thing for it... 

Vegan Friendly

11.5% ABV



For the love of Pinot! So good we named it twice.

We all love bubbles but sometimes a glass of crisp white, fruity rosé or juicy red is called for. The PinotPinot range also includes a white and a rosé still Pinot Grigio and a red Pinot Noir - three classic, easy styles that pair well with food.

Pour yourself a glass and join us in one of life's simple pleasures.



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